Our Story


The problem with art is that much of it is overpriced and out of reach. Today, people are turning to popular art for its approachable representation of modern-day life.

Much of the modern art we see in design shops is repetitious and unvaried. Factory produced, and lacking originality or emotion. Here at Artchi, we believe that art is just as important as your home furnishings. 

My first experience with popular art was in university, attending exhibitions and meeting artists from diverse backgrounds. During the pandemic, I turned to art for connection and comfort. Dervis, Co-founder

Artchi online is curated by local Anatolian artists merging ancient sculpture with the flare of modern-day design. Each limited-edition collection guarantees your piece is valuable and in demand. Our partnership with the Mental Health Foundation means that every purchase helps support someone in need.

If you want to add unconventional inspiration to your home, look no further than Artchi. Maybe you prefer a strong statement piece, like our Zeus of Olympus, or wish to add some energetic balance with a David & Aphrodite sculpture. Either way, we’re sure you’ll love our timeless collections!

  • Ece - Sculpture Illustrator

  • Deniz - Sculpture Illustrator

  • Dervis - Curator

  • Murat Han - Event Organiser

  • Can - Moulder

  • Leyla - Community Leader