The Resilience of David

Created by Buse Nur Sipahi

Acrylic on canvas

75x75x2 cm

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I embarked on a transformative journey with this sculpture by Michelangelo, a beacon of the Renaissance era. This masterpiece, originally carved from unyielding marble, now finds new life on canvas through the intricate pixel art style. In doing so, I aimed to preserve the profound meanings encapsulated in Michelangelo's work while introducing a fresh perspective.

This artwork, like the courageous spirit embodied in David, is an invitation to awaken your own tremendous courage. Just as Michelangelo breathed life into stone, I sought to breathe new energy into this iconic figure, inspiring viewers to tap into their inner reservoirs of strength and determination. The pixelated canvas serves as a reminder that even in the face of daunting challenges, we possess the capacity to overcome and emerge victorious, much like the enduring legacy of David himself.

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The Resilience of David



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Limited Edition




Acrylic on canvas


75x75x2 cm

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The Resilience of DavidThe Resilience of David