Vanity Fair x Artchi

Vanity Fair x Artchi
vanity fair x artchi

We are thrilled to share that our art business has recently been featured in Vanity Fair, a prestigious publication known for showcasing the finest in culture, fashion, and art. This recognition is a proud moment for our team, and we would like to take this opportunity to share our journey to this milestone.


In the fall season, Vanity Fair approached us to feature our artwork in their publication. They were impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of our work and believed that our creations would resonate with their audience. We were overjoyed at the opportunity to share our passion and vision with a wider audience, and we immediately got to work preparing for the feature.

vanity fair art

Our team worked tirelessly to select the pieces that best represented our art business, carefully curating a selection that showcased our unique style and vision. We collaborated closely with Vanity Fair to ensure that our pieces were photographed and showcased in the best possible way, highlighting the intricate details and stunning beauty of each artwork.


We were thrilled with the final result, and the positive response that we received from readers and art lovers from all around the world. The feature has helped us gain recognition in the art world, and has opened up exciting new opportunities for our business.

Vanity x Artchi

Conclusion: We are incredibly proud of this moment, and would like to extend our gratitude to Vanity Fair for recognizing our art business and sharing it with their audience. We hope that this feature inspires others to discover and appreciate the beauty of art and that it serves as a testament to the passion and hard work that our team puts into every piece.


We look forward to continuing to create stunning and unique works of art that inspire and captivate art lovers from all around the world.

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