About Us

As Artchi team we work with emerging artists all around the world to provide high-end art decor to people who believe art needs to be in our daily lives, against the perception art is only locked in museums and exhibitions. We have a mission to give bigger exposure to local and emerging artists in this competitive and exclusive art industry. As well as, making art decor more affordable and accessible.

Although it wasn’t a long time ago that Artchi developed, we received an unexpected interest from art lovers, magazines, and tv shows. One day when we were repairing our sculptures at the warehouse, we had a message from the Love Island team and learned that they wanted our Gelato David sculpture in their latest show, which then achieved the number one show in the UK and our design placed middle of the show and featured in Hello Magazine.

We then applied for and received partnerships among high-end shops and art decor marketplaces. One of the platforms we received three awards in three months was Artfinder. We were picked as Best of May in Artfinder, Beulah’s Portrait Picks, and Minimalist Interior Designs by editors.

A not long time after, we made an exclusive deal with Amara, high-end furniture and decor platform. Thanks to our successful collaboration, our designs received impressive interest and were rated 5 stars by buyers. Amara now launched a new category for Sculptures and we are expanding our partnership into new fields.

It wouldn’t be fair to only talk about our success here. We made mistakes, I mean lots of mistakes. Half of our initial orders faced an issue during our logistic process. They are either delayed late or had damage. Thanks to our active conversation with our customers, we solved these issues and made sure all of our customers were happy with their purchases. Now we have 98% success in our deliveries.

Now we are actively displaying our designs in more than 15 art and decor marketplaces. We served our customers in all continents and 30+ countries so far. We are operating as a UK company and member of the London Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

We are working day and night, plus weekends to make sure you find unseen art decors that will surprise everyone who sees it. Make sure to follow us on social media and join our newsletter!

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