Artist Guideline


1. Account Setup


1-A) To create an account, start by clicking the "Join Now" button and then enter the required information.

1-B) If you already have an artist account active, click on the "Login To My Account" button.



2- Account Creation


2-A) For the account you want to create, enter the artist's first and last name in the "Seller Name" section. Then, provide the "Email" and "Password" information.

2-B) In the last option, in response to the "Where Do You Represent Yourself" question, you should provide the link to the social media or website where the artist's works are published.


3- Creating the Artist Profile


3-A) After your account has been reviewed and approved, the first step is to create an artist profile. To do this, navigate to the top menu: Profile > My Account.





    3-B) You should upload the desired image for your artist profile to the seller shop logo section.




    4- Payment Information

    4-A) Once you access the Profile > Payment Details section in the top menu, you will see two payment options.

    4-B) If you choose the PayPal payment method, you only need to enter your account's email address.

    4-C) If you prefer to proceed with Bank Transfer, you need to enter your information in the following format:


    Payments are made in GBP; your bank details should be for a GBP account only.

    Please double-check the information; incorrect or missing information may result in payment delays.


    IBAN Number:

    Bank Name:

    Account Holder's Full Name:

    SWIFT Code:

    Bank Address:

    Bank Code (branch code):


    If you need further assistance or clarification, feel free to ask.