Bathroom Wall Art: Add a Pop of Personality to Your Space

Bathroom Wall Art: Add a Pop of Personality to Your Space
Bathroom wall art decor ideas


A house's decoration reflects the personality and character of its residents. Everything about you, your tastes, hobbies, and even your philosophy, echoes from the walls of your abode. And while we spend countless hours ornamenting our living rooms, we often ignore one of the most significant parts of our homes: the bathroom. 

The bathroom surely deserves a bit of love; thanks to its intimate nature, it is the perfect canvas you can reflect your personality. And creative bathroom wall art is the key to expressing yourself and making a statement.

Don't you know where to start "artifying" your bathroom? Don't worry! Artchi is here to help you. Here are some tips on using creative bathroom wall art to decorate your bathroom.


7 Tips to Add a Pop of Personality to Your Space


  1. Empty spaces aren't that Good of an idea
  2. Create your own art gallery
  3. Find beauty in simplicity
  4. Try natural stuff
  5. Decorate the floor
  6. Create a focal wall
  7. A little smile isn't that bad


1. Empty Spaces Aren't That Good of An Idea

bathroom wall picture ideas


Does your bathroom have lots of empty spaces? Do all the walls lack colour and spirit? Then it's time to add some patterns and colour. You can achieve a livelier look by decorating your bathroom with colourful ornaments and paintings. 

Wallpapers are also a great way to add a touch of personality to the bathroom. Another reason you might want to use wallpaper is to achieve a colour scheme in your bathroom. This way, you can easily use wall art or various accessories to fill the bare walls while having colour harmony.


best bathroom wall art


A key point in decorating your bathroom is not leaving any bare corners. Instead, you can add some vases and greenery to cover the empty spaces, making your bathroom look fresh and clean all the time. Of course, you should avoid creating an overcrowded look when doing so.


2. Create Your Own Art Gallery

how to build wall art for bathroom


If you're into art, the bathroom is the perfect place to show off your love for creative works. Outstanding sculptures, imaginative paintings, and stunning bathroom wall art are perfect for filling the bare corners with art.

A good use of bathroom walls is creating a wall gallery, which would be the perfect way to draw your visitors' attention to one spot. When done correctly, an art gallery is a great way to dissolve the mundane atmosphere in your bathroom and give it a more mystic appearance.

Of course, the key to such an artistic transformation is being careful about the bathroom's colour scheme and overall theme. The artwork you choose should complement your bathroom décor, not contrast it -which would be distracting.


bathroom wall picture ideas


Since your taste and preferences play a significant role in choosing artwork, creating a wall gallery will also add a personal touch to the bathroom. Plus, if you're an artist, it's the perfect place to demonstrate your artwork, like paintings or sculptures.

Nevertheless, if you don't have pieces of your own to demonstrate, you need not worry! Artchi has an extensive collection of creative paintings and sculptures!


3. Find Beauty in Simplicity

If you're going for minimalistic bathroom décor, you should use simple but striking details. Since such decoration ideas usually refer to a monochromatic colour scheme, you might not want to add too much colour to your bathroom. 

Preferring simple metal wall art would be a great choice to achieve monochrome in your bathroom. For example, as you can see below, a metal wall art with the sentence "Save Water Shower Together" captures the spirit of minimalistic simplicity while adding a bit of personality to your bathroom and, literally, making a playful statement.

bathroom wall art decor ideas


4. Try Natural Stuff

Ornamenting your bathroom with glass art is another great way to add a modern touch. If you have empty spaces on your shelves, you can put glass artwork on them to create a vibrant atmosphere.


what to do with empty space in bathroom


Wood art is the perfect example of how art comes in very different forms. Using wooden furniture in a bathroom is a no-no. However, the increasing popularity of wood tables breaks the taboo and makes wood art an unorthodox but brave choice for the bathroom.


5. Decorate the Floor

Although we're decorating the walls, we can still work down below. People usually pay attention to the parts above their eye level, yet putting some small cabinets with canvases or sculptures on them is a great way to cover the bare walls below. Another option is leaning artwork on the floor to create a sleek design.


bathroom wall picture ideas


You can also place sculptures or plants on the floor to cover the empty spaces in your bathroom and decorate the floor. For example, a black tiger sculpture would make a clever choice as a decoration; you can place it in a position as if it's about to pounce on its prey.


wall art bathroom wall decor ideas

Black Tiger


6. Create a Focal Wall

The key to a successful decoration is always creating a focal point; without one, you might easily get distracted by the numerous decorations and artworks. The easiest way to do this in a bathroom is to decorate the focal wall with lovely pieces and furniture. You can choose an attractive wallpaper and some paintings matching in colour and theme to put up. 

Your focal wall shouldn't be too crowded, so always try to use a few decorations that give a good impression to the viewer and avoid filling it up with a myriad of ornaments.

art to put in bathroom


7. A Little Smile Isn't That Bad

Bathroom decoration doesn't have to be about capturing a "serious" and "cold" elegance; this is your bathroom, and you should feel happy and energised when you step in. So, add a pop of personal taste to your bathroom. Choose what makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed; this might be a Boba Fett metal wall art holding a gun at you -so you can finish faster- or a little cat peeping at you.


bathroom wall art ideas

Cat v.5 

Artchi doesn't claim to have everything, but if you need anything related to art or decoration, we sure have everything you need. Have a look at our rich bathroom wall art collection to find the best pieces that will add your bathroom a personal touch.

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