5 Ways to Incorporate Wall Art into Your Home Decor

5 Ways to Incorporate Wall Art into Your Home Decor


Do you want to buy wall art? Or did you buy a wall art ages ago and did not have time to hang it up? Are you looking for a smart way to fill a blank wall in your room? No matter the answer, incorporating wall art into your home is about achieving harmony of colours and design in your home decor. 

If you don't know how to do so, you need not worry; The Artchi is here to help! This article will tell you how to “artify” your home by successfully incorporating wall art into the overall décor. 


Before Starting

Before starting, you should decide what type of wall art would go with your home decor better. Some of the main wall art types are:


  • Canvas wall art
  • Metal wall art
  • Outdoor wall art
  • Modern wall art

Besides these, there are various other wall art types you can see in our collection.


While canvas wall art is the best for adding an artistic touch to your room, metal wall art is the best choice for creating a more industrial atmosphere. However, for more contemporary or minimalistic settings, modern wall art suits the atmosphere and colour scheme better.

For outdoor settings, there is a whole category for outdoor wall art, which includes many creative pieces that will give your garden, gazebo, or deck a more artistic atmosphere.

There are also different types of wall art for various spaces in your house. Considering that every room has a distinct characteristic and ambience, you should choose the right wall art carefully.


5 Ways to Incorporate Wall Art into Your Home Decor


  1. Choose a piece that suits your room without effort
  2. Make sure the frame you buy matches your room's atmosphere
  3. Incorporate wall art into your furniture
  4. Use wall art to make a statement
  5. Create a gallery of paintings


1. Choose A Piece That Suits Your Room Without Effort

Eye of God 

Decorating a room requires attention and effort; however, if you buy just the right piece, you'll see that it fits your home décor without much arrangement; large paintings and metal wall art are among the best choices in this regard as they help you create a more central focal point and draw all attention to a specific spot. 

They also create an impressive décor alone, and if you have a big wall, having one large piece helps you decorate it without making it look too crowded.


2. Make Sure the Frame You Buy Matches Your Room's Atmosphere

Bringing Fairytales to Life: Once Upon a Time 


Metal and canvas artworks are easy to set up and usually don't need a separate frame. However, if you want to ornament your room with a creative painting, you'll need to buy the perfect frame that creates a harmony of colours by accenting both the artwork and your room together. 

A frame's material and colour are rather important when making a decision. Although most frames are wooden, they may also come in other materials sometimes, such as metal or plastic. 

If you have a more minimalistic décor or a contemporary setting, you might prefer a metal frame to add your room a modern touch. Yet, if your room's decoration is more classical, with warmer colours dominant, look no further than a wooden frame.


Survival Desire



Of course, money doesn't grow on trees, and custom-made frames are notoriously expensive products. Nevertheless, there are many inexpensive options, and you can always find your ideal frame without worrying about overspending. The easiest way to find your budget-friendly frame is to choose the right painting. 

If you prefer pieces that come in standard sizes, you will have little difficulty finding a suitable frame to set it in. However, original works might not always be in standard dimensions. Hence, finding a painting in standard sizes might be a hassle for someone looking for an authentic piece.


3. Incorporate Wall Art Into Your Furniture

The Ultimate Style Statement: You Look So Cool


If you have plenty of furniture, it is easy to incorporate wall art into your furniture. This way, you can cover the empty spots on your walls and draw attention to the décor. 

We should never forget that our home is where we should feel comfortable, inspired, and prompted. And, as you can see below, wall art is perfect for making a statement. You can buy a metal wall art that says: "You look so cool," to place behind your mirror, or one that says: "One more chapter," to put next to your bookshelf. This way, you can give yourself daily prompts while filling up the empty spots in your walls.


4. Create A Gallery of Paintings


Creating a gallery is one of the best ways to decorate a wall. If you have more than one canvas wall art, you can put them together and capture a stylish look in any setting. 

Since painting galleries often go well with most décors, whether minimalistic or classic, they are among the best choices to ornament your home. Through a well-arranged gallery, you can effortlessly achieve an artistic atmosphere in your room and highlight its colour scheme.

Another use of a gallery wall is to express yourself and your personality. Since your choice of paintings, colours, and designs demonstrate your taste, creating a gallery wall will help you spotlight your character and reflect it on your living space.


5. Use Different Pieces of Wall Art


You can use different wall art pieces to create a diverse and creative art corner in your room. Remember that the artworks you use together should complement each other in style and colour for harmony.

If you're planning to use two paintings, use either the same frames or similar ones to create uniformity. In settings with different types of wall art, try to choose artworks with similar styles, colours or subjects.



Yet, don't forget that sometimes, contrast is the key to harmony. For example, metal wall art's industrial atmosphere and dull look make it perfect to match a colourful painting to adjust the dominance of bright colours.

Now you know how to incorporate wall art into your home décor. So, the next step should be purchasing some creative artwork that'll turn your home into a real art gallery! Check Artchi's wall art catalogue to find the best for your home.



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