Living Room Wall Art: Setting the Tone for Your Home

Living Room Wall Art: Setting the Tone for Your Home - Artchi

Your home is your happy place where you feel safe and comfortable. And every corner of this happy place is like an empty canvas you can reflect your personality and aesthetic in. Yet, even though each room of your home is essential, the living room is where you spend most of your time.

The living room is one of the most multi-purpose rooms in the house; we use it for watching TV, having guests over, reading a book, listening to music, or even eating and sleeping sometimes. Therefore, you should invest extra effort in decorating your living room to achieve a cosier living space.



If you don't know where to start decorating your living room, keep reading the article! This well-prepared guide will help you understand the essentials of decorating your living room walls with creative living room wall art.


Set the Tone for Your Home in 5 Steps


  1. Texture Is Everything
  2. Is Your Room Finished?
  3. Create a Focal Point
  4. Vivify your Living Room
  5. Add Your Personal Taste


1. Texture Is Everything

When decorating your living room, you should be careful in choosing the right colour and theme. If you think your room's colour scheme is dull or not like you want, you can always change it! Experiment with different colour schemes and textures to achieve the ideal ambience, never be afraid of trying new things, and always think of the overall atmosphere of your room when determining the dominant colours.


Once you have the desired colour scheme in your living room, you can decide what tones and hues would go with it. Since you'll spend most of your time home in the living room, it might be wise to choose a texture that won't tire your eyes or become too distracting. Also, as a room with multiple purposes, your living room should have a cosy atmosphere; therefore, you might want to prefer brighter colours that will make the room look more spacious and relaxing.


2. Is Your Room Finished?

Do you feel something's missing when you step into your living room? Maybe it's the empty walls. If you aren't used to putting up decorations and wall art, it might be time to start. Because decorations do more than make your walls colourful, they make your living room look livelier and cosier. They also help you add a bit of your personality to your living space and enrichen it with your imagination.



So, if your walls are bare and your room unfinished, check Artchi to see what you can do. There are many options to decorate a room:




  • You can hang up mirrors; they will give your room a sophisticated atmosphere while reflecting the sunlight, creating a brighter environment.
  • Metal wall art is a perfect way to achieve a modern and industrial look. If you're into minimalist architecture or contemporary design, you can find a playful aesthetic in the dull tones of metal.
  • If you feel extra arty, you can select some creative paintings to establish your own gallery wall in the living room. This way, you can offer an artistic experience to your visitors and form a corner you might get inspiration from when reflecting on the matters of life—just like a philosopher.
  • Neon art is a bit unorthodox but a clever decoration nevertheless. You can always choose this art form to add a modern twist to your home. Plus, neon art might work better in dimmer settings as its bright light will be more visible in the dark; so, if you have been complaining about how your living room doesn't get any light, you can try neon art.
  • If you like natural materials, you can check Artchi's wood art collection. Natural elements usually go better with warmer colours and bold textures, so if you're planning a colourful design, wood art is the perfect décor. However, if you think wood is too classic for you, there are always glass art pieces that match contemporary designs just perfectly.


3. Create a Focal Point

Attracting all the attention to a certain point in the room is crucial, especially if you have a spacious living room. When there's no focal point in a room, it might be easy to get distracted; therefore, you should set a focal point and highlight it with ornaments and décor.



A great way to establish a focal point is by creating an accent wall; you can select a darker and bold tone to turn a wall into your accent wall. Hanging a large painting or creative wall art on the accent wall might allow you to highlight it.


4. Vivify your Living Room

If bare walls create a lifeless appearance in your living room, don't worry, a creative décor can solve this. Here is what you should do step-by-step:



  1. First, you should decide whether to paint the room or not; if you're happy with the existing colour, you don't have to pick up your paint roller. Yet, if you think a renovation might be necessary, you can check our guide to painting a house.
  2. Choose the perfect décor for your living room. Do you like art? Then pick some paintings and create a striking wall gallery. Try to capture harmony by preferring artwork with similar colours and themes when creating your gallery corner.
  3. Once finished your gallery wall, you can start filling other empty spots. At this point, you can use different types of living room wall art. For example, do you like sculptures? Spread them here and there. If you have shelves, you know where to put your accessories, like hourglasses or incense burners.
  4. If you still have empty corners on your walls, you can cover them with plants. Natural decorations are very trendy, and some greenery might make your living room look happy and vivid.


5. Add Your Personal Taste


In order to create the perfect living room, you should choose décor with your own imagination and ideas. The living room wall art you prefer will give your living room a personality. So, whatever you do, always try to follow what your heart tells you. It's your home and your taste. Everything has beauty in it as long as it fits your liking. And Artchi is here to offer you a vast collection of living room wall art that will match your ideals!

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