Modern Wall Art a Fresh and Fun Way to Decorate Your Home

Modern Wall Art a Fresh and Fun Way to Decorate Your Home
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Every inch of your empty walls holds the potential to become artwork, and ornamenting these walls with creative modern wall art can help you achieve the perfect décor. However, if you don't know where to start your decoration journey, you're reading the right post. 

This post will guide you to creating an artier and more personal living space in your home through a fresh and fun decoration method: modern wall art.


How to Choose Modern Wall Art

When deciding on how to decorate your home, you should first try to determine the colour scheme. The furniture might be the perfect factor to decide; if vivid colours are dominant in the room, you might use paintings, canvas wall art, etc. 

Yet, if you're going for a minimalistic or monochromatic decoration, using metal wall art or artwork with metallic colours would be a better choice.


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The Mighty Hunter 


Here are some of the other factors you should consider when deciding on the wall art you'll use:

  • Size: You should always know the size of your walls and decorate them accordingly. If you have large walls, you might want to use a bunch of small-sized wall art to create a gallery or one large-sized piece to establish a focal point.
  • Theme: Like the colour, your room's theme is essential when choosing a modern wall art piece. Achieving unity in design and style would be your ultimate goal in decoration, and using artwork with unmatching themes might make it a tad distracting.
  • Your taste: If you like a piece of wall art, you can ignore all the other factors. Your taste is more important than anything, and there's no better ornament to your walls than a personal touch.

9 Modern Wall Art Ideas

  1. Create a focal point
  2. Experiment with the colours
  3. Create a wall gallery
  4. Use natural elements
  5. Put up classy mirrors
  6. Use shelves
  7. Decorate your room with sculptures
  8. Create a plant corner
  9. Display creative accessories


1. Create a Focal Point

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A focal point is a spot that draws your attention the most, like the centre of the whole picture or, in this case, the room. Without a focal point, it might be easy to get distracted by the décor. 

You can avoid this by determining a wall as the focal wall and highlighting it by putting up a large-sized image or striking neon art; a quote wall art with a catchy statement would also work.


2. Experiment with the Colours

Wall art isn't all about paintings and ornaments; you can experiment with colours and brushes to beautify your walls. For example, using brighter tones, you can create a bold accent wall that will work as a focal wall.

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Considering you have plenty of bare walls, using them as canvases might allow you to work your magic and use decorative painting skills to turn them into imaginative scenes.


3. Create a Wall Gallery

Are you feeling a bit creative? Then it's time to use your imagination to create a wall gallery. Putting up different pieces and artworks together to establish an artistic corner in your room is always an empty space well-used. 

Be careful choosing paintings with related themes to create harmony and unity between them; otherwise, too many unrelated pieces might look crowded and distracting -two things we’re trying to avoid at all costs.


4. Use Natural Elements

Using natural materials to decorate your rooms might be a good change for your home. For example, a piece of wood art can make the perfect decoration for your focal wall or next to your bookshelf. Wood art also goes perfectly with warmer colours and wood furniture.


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Grey Damask 

If you have put up shelves on your wall or have empty tables, you can place glass art pieces on them. Vases, cups, and other ornaments you choose not only add a personal touch to your home decoration but also creativity.


5. Put Up Classy Mirrors

In addition to creative paintings and impressive wood art, mirrors might help you allow more light into your room and create a spacious atmosphere. You can put up your mirrors on the focal wall to highlight it.

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Combining mirrors with wall art to add a bit of personality and colour to your room is another option. While canvas wall art is the perfect way to create a colourful atmosphere, preferring glass paintings is also recommended as complementary to mirrors due to their modern and elegant look.


6. Use Shelves

Do you want a more helpful way to cover your empty walls? Then try putting up some shelves. Now you have plenty of space to put your books, plants and glass art pieces. Plus, you can also place your paintings on the shelves; this way, you won't have to make a hole in your wall to hang them.

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7. Decorate Your Room with Sculptures

Statues are perfect for adding some colour to your room. You can decorate your shelves, personal library and coffee table with sophisticated and elegant sculptures. Although people often perceive sculptures as more formal, they are actually perfect for expressing yourself.

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Colours of Artemis


8. Create a Plant Corner

Green is a living colour; it's the colour of nature, plants, flowers, and trees. And having a plant corner in your room might help you add rejuvenating energy and liveliness to your room. 

You can use big and long plants to cover empty corners, while small plants might be the best fit for your wall shelves, tables, and other areas.

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The Majestic Jungle Beauty

You can combine your plants with creative plant-themed wall art or colourful paintings. Especially images with the green colour or framed photographs of plants might make the perfect decoration for your plant corner.


9. Display Creative Accessories

If you have wall shelves, you can embellish them with artistic incense burners and cool hourglasses. Hanging scones is also a good option to create a more sophisticated atmosphere; if you don't want to damage your wall, Artchi has impressive candles with different themes that can adorn your shelves.


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If you're looking for the perfect décor for your walls, Artchi has all you need! With our extensive collection of wall art, statues, creative accessories and paintings, you don't have to look further to create an art gallery out of your home.

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