Authentic series 1

Created by Derya Dere

acrylic paint on canvas

30×30 cm

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If you like vintage, antique-looking decoration, this work is for you.Each piece is 15×15 cm in size.When arranged as a square, it is 30 × 30 cm in size.After painting with turquoise and brown paint, I created a pattern on the pieces with stencil and relief paste. I created a vintage look by using various antique technique.I applied cadence gold leaf over the patterns.It is varnished with matte varnish.The signature is on the back of the picture.It is an original work.The print is not mñnnnna painting, it is completely handmadeIt is placed in two cartons and shipped securely in bubble wrap.

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Authentic series 1



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acrylic paint on canvas


30×30 cm

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