Autobiographical Memory

Created by İlknur Dağ

Mixed media on canvas

130x110x5 cm

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Our memory, which is formed by the transformation of some bittersweet events we experience into memories, affects its shape in the moments to be lived in the future. When we recall memories we had in the past, we may not feel the same emotions as we did when we lived that moment.

These moments remain cumulatively in our memory. I have done my work, which I have done by addressing this subject, by remembering and feeling many memories. If I had a chance to look at my memory with a concrete eye from the outside, this would be my dream image.

As I describe in my work, a face looking at its memory from the outside sees the wheels breaking with lines that increase with each passing year, divided times and accumulated memories. I accept the wheels as our memory and I think that we should repair our memory, which is broken as a result of the accumulation of bittersweet moments we experience, with the experiences we face.

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Autobiographical Memory



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Mixed media on canvas


130x110x5 cm

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