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Big Brother Red Edition

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Immerse your space in the watchful gaze of authority with our striking "Big Brother Red Edition" sculpture, standing boldly at 46 x 19 x 13 cm. This provocative piece is a visual representation of vigilant oversight, offering a thought-provoking reflection on themes of surveillance and power.

At 46 x 19 x 13 cm, this sculpture strikes an ideal balance between size and impact. The bold red hue adds an extra layer of intensity to the watchful eyes, enhancing the sense of authority and presence. Whether displayed on a shelf or as a centerpiece, the dimensions ensure a commanding and contemplative focal point.

Crafted with meticulous detail, the "Big Brother Red Edition" invites viewers to engage with its symbolism and explore the nuances of surveillance in a modern context. The 46 x 19 x 13 cm size allows for close inspection of the sculpture's features, fostering a connection between the observer and the observed.

Whether you appreciate political commentary in art or are drawn to pieces that spark conversation, the "Big Brother Red Edition" promises to be a powerful and thought-provoking addition to your collection. Embrace the visual narrative of vigilance and authority in a size that demands attention and contemplation.

Size: 46 x 19 x 13 cm
Material: Plaster

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