Board Game Blend: The KAWS Monopoly Figure

Created by Artchi
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Experience the unique blend of art and play with "Board Game Blend: The KAWS Monopoly Figure." Measuring 37 cm, this exceptional sculpture combines the iconic imagery of KAWS with the timeless appeal of the Monopoly board game. The intricate details and bold colors bring the figure to life, capturing the spirit of both KAWS and Monopoly in one exciting piece.

Expertly crafted with plaster, this KAWS figure is both durable and eye-catching. Display it on a bookshelf, mantle, or in a gallery setting for maximum impact. "Board Game Blend" is a must-have for fans of KAWS, pop art, and board games. Add this innovative monopoly figure to your collection today and enjoy the blend of art and play in your own home.


Inspired by Kaws.

Size: 37 x 15 cm
Material: Plaster

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Board Game Blend: The KAWS Monopoly Figure


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