Chromatic Ducks

Created by Rabia Vildan Özcan

Oil on canvas

24x18x2 cm

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In Chromatic Ducks, each vibrant duck finds its own unique place, scattered playfully throughout the canvas. This artwork is a delightful masterpiece that breathes life into the enchanting world of colors and toys, rekindling the childlike spirit within us and bringing a heartwarming smile to every viewer's face.

Expertly crafted with oil paints on a 24 cm x 18 cm canvas, Chromatic Ducks is a charming visual journey into the realm of imagination and nostalgia. With every glance, you'll discover a whimsical duck in a different hue, evoking a sense of wonder and playfulness. This artwork serves as a joyful reminder that there's always room in our lives for a touch of color and a dash of whimsy, no matter how old we may be.

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Chromatic Ducks


Abstract, Expressionism, Pop Art, Street Art, Contemporary, Landscape, Portrait, Lifestyle

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Oil on canvas


24x18x2 cm

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