Faces of Health: The Multi-Faceted Hygieia Decor

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Celebrate the goddess of health and wellness with "Faces of Health: The Multi-Faceted Hygieia Decor." This unique and eye-catching piece showcases the many aspects of the goddess, with 5 intricately carved faces, each representing a different aspect of her divine power. The decor is crafted with plaster, ensuring that each face is expertly detailed and imbued with the spirit of Hygieia. The statue is finished with a original plaster colour patina, bringing out the intricacies of each face and highlighting the goddess's multi-faceted nature. This magnificent work of art is perfect for any home or office, or as a centerpiece in an art collection. Embrace the power of health and wellness, order now and bring the essence of Hygieia into your space.
Size: 33 x 20 cm
Material: Plaster

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Faces of Health: The Multi-Faceted Hygieia Decor


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