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Medusas’ Protective Gaze

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Would you dare to meet her gaze?

The Ancient Greek myth of Medusa is perhaps one of the saddest of them all. Punished by Athena, Medusa’s stare can turn any man to stone. But, ancient superstition says that owning a Medusa statue will protect your home from evil. Make sure your loved ones are safe with this flawless statue.

Crafted by hand for an authentic Ancient Greek finish, this bust is made from high-quality materials. An iron pedestal is used to stabilize Medusa’s detailed face. Designed by experts with top-notch execution, this bust will be with you forever.
Size: 31 x 23 cm
Material: Polyester and Marble Powder

Please give us 2-4 days to prepare for Medusas’ Protective Gaze.


Shipping takes 2-5 days for Medusas’ Protective Gaze.