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Mickey's Pop Art Symphony with Kidrobot by Artchi & Unique

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Introducing Artchi's Custom Designed Sculpture: A Playful Pop Art Tribute to Mickey Mouse!

Unveil a captivating world of artistry with Artchi's Custom Designed Sculpture, a true testament to individuality and a celebration of the iconic Mickey Mouse, inspired by the whimsical aesthetics of Kidrobot. This vibrant piece of Pop Art is a symphony of colors and creativity, sure to become the centerpiece of any space and a cherished homage to a beloved character.

Unparalleled Uniqueness: At Artchi, we believe that art should reflect your distinct personality and style. Our Custom Designed Sculpture embodies this philosophy, meticulously crafted to ensure that each piece stands as a one-of-a-kind work of art. Celebrate your uniqueness by owning an exceptional creation that pays homage to the timeless charm of Mickey Mouse.

Kidrobot Inspired, Mickey Magic: Drawing inspiration from the enchanting world of Kidrobot, our sculpture showcases the imaginative genius of Mickey Mouse. It's a harmonious blend of artistic influences that embraces the spirit of Pop Art while honoring the enduring legacy of this beloved character.

A Burst of Colors and Grandeur: Crafted from durable fiberglass polyester and adorned with a dazzling array of 10 different colors, this sculpture is a visual extravaganza. Its large size commands attention, making it an ideal addition to your home, office, or creative space. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Pop Art with Artchi's Custom Designed Sculpture and let it be a testament to your love for all things bold, unique, and extraordinary.

Artchi's Custom Designed Sculpture is more than just an artwork; it's a celebration of your individuality and a delightful tribute to the magic of Mickey Mouse. Embrace the fusion of Kidrobot inspiration and the timeless allure of Mickey Mouse by bringing this exceptional sculpture into your world today. Elevate your space and ignite your creativity with Artchi's unique masterpiece.


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Size: 60 x 40 x 30 cm
Material: Fiberglass & Polyester

Please give us 2-4 days to prepare for Mickey's Pop Art Symphony with Kidrobot by Artchi & Unique.


Shipping takes 2-5 days for Mickey's Pop Art Symphony with Kidrobot by Artchi & Unique.