Nü K 1

Created by Muzaffer Bulut

kağıt , karakalem

35x50 cm

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This drawing of a naked woman is rendered in simple, yet elegant lines. The woman is standing in a relaxed pose, her head turned slightly to the side. Her body is turned slightly away from the viewer, creating a sense of intimacy.

The artist has used a limited range of colors in the drawing, but they have achieved a great deal of depth and detail. The woman's skin is rendered in a soft, peachy color, and her hair is a deep brown. The artist has used subtle shading to create shadows and highlights on her body, giving her a sense of three-dimensionality.

The woman's expression is serene and peaceful. Her eyes are closed, and her lips are slightly parted. She seems to be lost in thought, or perhaps she is simply enjoying the moment.

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Nü K 1



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kağıt , karakalem


35x50 cm

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