Observing the Flow

Created by Yusuf Epçin

Oil on Canvas

34x45x2 cm

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As an artist, I invite you to step into the serene world I've captured in Observing the Flow. This enchanting scene unfolds on a picturesque, sun-drenched day by the tranquil shores of a glistening lake. The canvas comes alive with vibrant colors and a sense of harmony that whispers of nature's beauty.

In the heart of this painting, the cerulean waters of the lake stretch as far as the eye can see, reflecting the brilliant, cloudless sky above. The water's surface is like a flawless mirror, mirroring the celestial blue above, creating a seamless connection between earth and sky. The shimmering ripples dance upon the water's surface, carrying with them the secrets of the depths beneath.

About the Artwork

Observing the Flow


Expressionism, Landscape

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Oil on Canvas


34x45x2 cm

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