Parallel Complex

Created by Yusuf Epçin

Oil on Canvas

75x30x2 cm

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Parallel Complex is a mystic masterpiece that draws the viewer into a realm where enigma and intrigue reign. In this captivating painting, layers of secrecy and shadowy narratives unfold, shrouded in deep hues of purple and black, creating an atmosphere of mystique and fascination.

At first glance, the predominant shade is a rich and velvety purple that envelops the canvas. This color exudes an aura of mystery, hinting at the hidden truths and concealed stories that lie beneath the surface. The deep, lustrous purple serves as a portal to the unknown, inviting the observer to peer into the clandestine world within.

As your gaze delves deeper into Parallel Complex, you begin to discern intricate patterns and shapes emerging from the obscurity. The forms, though elusive, suggest a convergence of parallel dimensions, where secrets intertwine and unfold in an intricate dance. It's as if the painting itself holds the key to a labyrinthine puzzle, waiting for the astute observer to unlock its mysteries.

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Parallel Complex


Expressionism, Contemporary, Portrait

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Oil on Canvas


75x30x2 cm

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