Portre No:7

Created by Deniz Serkan ÖZCAN

Mixed Media on MDF (Acrylic Paint, Pencil, and Charcoal).

40x40 cm

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The combination of colors, much like the merging of black and white to create gray, symbolizes the middle ground, representing the ordinariness and the normalcy of many people's lives. Generally, we see white as representing goodness and purity, while black is often associated with evil and pessimism. The color gray, as a blend of these two extremes, signifies neutrality, or rather, emotional numbness.

In my artworks, the reason for not depicting the two extremes of emotions, anger and happiness, on the canvas is because of this symbolism. Instead, I choose to use a colorful final touch in my artworks. This is because people often refrain from expressing their feelings and emotions, be they positive or negative. Behind the gray and expressionless artworks lie various concealed emotions, and these colors represent the feelings that people have hidden within, behind their lack of expression.

"Colors speak their own language..."

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Portre No:7



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Mixed Media on MDF (Acrylic Paint, Pencil, and Charcoal).


40x40 cm

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